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South Indian Bank Probationary Clerk recruitment with 468 Posts

South Indian Bank has released a notification to recruit Probationary clerks in Five states includes Kerala, Tamilnadu, Delhi NCR, Andra Pradesh and Telangana. The notification contains 468 posts and  may increase because they are considering next six months for recruitment.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Notification for UDC, Lower division clerk and Non Teaching posts

Kendriya vidyalaya released a notification to fill Upper division clerk, Lower division and Librarian and more posts with various qualifications. A total of 1017 posts have been released, it is a good chance to enter into kendriya vidyalaya.


INTEREST : The amount paid by the borrower for using the money of the lender.  It is denoted by 'I'.              Interest are two types.     (1). SIMPLE INTEREST     (2). COMPOUND INTEREST. PRINCIPLE : The amount given by the lender to the borrower. It is denoted by 'I'. S.I = (P*T*R)/100 P- Principal amount T- Time period R- Rate of Interest Ex: P=1000         T=2yrs         R=10% S.I =(PTR)/100     =(1000*2*10)/100     =200 We can calculate the amount by adding the S.I to Principal amount. Therefore formula for Amount= S.I + Principal From the above example: amount=  200 + 1000 Total amount = 1200. If the rate of interest is calculated half yearly then the formula is Here T=2T , because time is calculated for every six months so time will be double in a year. S.I = (2*P*T*R)/100 For the above example if Time calculated half yearly then the Interest will be S.I = (2 * 1000 * 2 * 10 )/  100 S. I= 400 So the amount will be 400+1000