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How to Use Crome Developer Tools: Crome Developer Tools

 For Every web developer it is required to know about Crome developer tools. These will helps to know the issues in code and debug the application, etc.., We will go through them one by one. Main Crome developer tools include as follows: Elements Console Network Performance Below we'll talk about more on Developer tools one by one Elements:     Elements section is having all the source code which is available in the web page we are opened. By highlighting a place we'll what part of code is available at that place. Console:     Console helps us to view any messages written in console.log, which is mainly useful for debugging purpose. Network:     Network is used to track all the requests and responses happening the page which we are in. Performance:     Performance tab contains all the metrics related to page like page speed, how much time its taking to load the page. we also have some tools in performance like light house. By using this tab we'll know how to improve the per