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Javascript Variables and Data Types : Javascript Essentials

Variables are symbolic names for values. Variables are used to store dynamic values in it. The names of variables, or identifiers, must follow certain rules. A JavaScript variable name must start with a letter, underscore (_); subsequent characters can also be digits (0-9). As JavaScript is case sensitive, letters include the characters A through Z (uppercase) and the characters a through z(lowercase). Variables in JavaScript should be defined with the var/let  keyword. If you declare a variable without assigning a value to it, its type is undefined by default. let  is used for block level scope variable declarations. JavaScript supports the standard variations of Data types: Number String Boolean Symbol (new in ECMAScript 6) Object: Function Array Date RegExp  Null Undefined Number:     A Number type is a combination both integer and floating, which can be decide automatically on assigning a value to variable. For example see below.     var num = 22; Above declaration will be integer.

Bitbucket Pipeline using FTP credentials: Bitbucket Pipeline

      In Bitbucket, Pipeline concept used to deploy the files into the server. There are different pipelines to deploy code in server.  In this article we'll know how to deploy code to server using FTP creds from bitbucket using Pipeline concept. This concept allows us to upload files to server/production. We can update one repository to multiple servers like testing, uat & Production. From left menu choose repository settings. From that select Deployments. Under dep loyments you will find three environments, we can create our own environments by clicking on add environment + icon è For all the environments we need to set up pipeline configuration code in .yaml file. To do that click on edit YAML configuration è Add the script in bitbucket-pipelines.yml file. There are two type of pipes è Default and custom pipes. Here mentioned custom pipe in the below image. Default will run on every commit on the other hand custom we be on user triggering the pipeline. è To trigger