Phrasal Verbs starting with C letter: English grammar

Phrasal Verbs starting with C letter 

 Calm down: Become less excited, intense, or angry

Cancel out: Neutralize the effect of something

Catch on: Begin to understand; to realize

Catch on: Become popular; to become commonplace; to become the standard

Catch up: Entangle

Catch up: Be brought up to date with news

Catch up: Bring someone else up to date with the news

Catch up: Reach something that had been ahead

Cheer up: Become happy

Cheer up: Make someone happy

Chew out: Lecture, scold, reprimand, or rebuke

Chew up: Chew so as to make something pulpy

Chicken out: Shy away from a daring task

Chill out: Relax or take time out; to calm down

Chill out: Hang out; spend time together with another person or group

Clean out: Clean, especially to tidy by removing the contents

Clean out: Empty completely; to remove all money or possessions from

Clean up: Make an area or a thing clean; to pick up a mess; to tidy

Clean up: Become clean, handsome, smart in appearance

Clean up: Make a large profit

Clear away: Leave, disappear

Clear out: Completely empty

Clear out: Remove or eject (from), especially forcibly

Clear out: Leave quickly

Clear out: Become empty

Close down: Stop trading as a business

Close down: Surround someone, as to impede their movement

Close in on: Enclose around; to tighten or shrink; to collapse

Close in on: Catch up with in a chase; to near the end of a pursuit

Close in on: Near a goal or completion

Close off: Seal or block the entrance to a road, an area, or a building so that people cannot enter

Close up: Move people closer together

Close up: Shut a building or a business for a period of time

Close up: Heal a cut or other wound

Clock in: Begin working time, especially by punching in

Clock in: Be measured at

Clock off: End work

Clock out: End work; to officially record a time when one terminates a period of work

Clock out: Officially record a work-termination time for

Consist in: Have the thing mentioned as the only or most important part

Consist of: Be composed or made up of something

Cool down: Become cooler, to be reduced in temperature

Cool down: Cause the temperature of an item to decrease

Cool down: Become less agitated

Cool down: Cause to become less agitated

Count down: Announce the passage of time to a precisely timed expected event

Count down: Await a precisely timed expected event

Count in: Include (someone) in an activity, etc.

Count in: Do a countdown before the start of something, especially a musical performance

Count off: Count (a series of numbers) aloud

Count on: Rely on, trust, or expect

Count out: Exclude; to dismiss from participation or eligibility

Count out: Enumerate items while organizing or transferring them.

Count up: Add to get a total

Crop out: Come to light; to be manifest; to appear

Cross off: Finish; to regard something as complete

Cross out: Strike out; to draw a line through

Cross over: Pass from one side or area, physical or abstract, to another

Cross over: Die

Cry off: Cancel something that one has previously arranged with someone

Cry out for: Be in urgent need (of)


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