List of phrasal verbs: FALL: English grammar

List of phrasal verbs: FALL
🍎Fall about
Meaning: Laugh so much that one’s entire body moves somewhat uncontrollably
Example: Every time he performed the trick people would fall about laughing.

🍎Fall apart
Meaning: Disintegrate
Example: My old briefcase is falling apart. I’ll have to buy a new one.

🍎Fall apart
Meaning: Be emotionally in crisis
Example: As a result of being addicted to heroin, she was falling apart.

🍎Fall away
Meaning: Cease to support a person or cause
Example: After the divorce, all his friends fell away one by one.

🍎Fall behind
Meaning: Be late (for a regular event)
Example: You’re falling behind with the rent.

🍎Fall behind
Meaning: Be progressively below average in performance
Example: It’s not like John to fall behind in maths.

🍎Fall down
Meaning: Fall to the ground, to collapse
Example: The beams supporting the roof had rotted, causing the entire house to fall down.

🍎Fall down
Meaning: Fail
Example: That is where your reasoning falls down.

🍎Fall for
Meaning: Be fooled; to walk into a trap or respond to a scam or trick
Example: I can’t believe how many people still fall for the coin glued to the sidewalk.

🍎Fall for
Meaning: Fall in love with someone
Example: He really fell for the attractive waitress at his favorite restaurant.

🍎Fall in
Meaning: Collapse inwards
Example: The heavy rain caused the roof to fall in.

🍎Fall in
Meaning: Come to an end; to terminate; to lapse
Example: On the death of Mr. B., the annuity, which he had so long received, fell in.

🍎Fall in with
Meaning: Join (a group of people)
Example: He has fallen in with a bad lot.

🍎Fall in with
Meaning: Accept
Example: It seemed like a good idea, so we fell in with it.

🍎Fall into
Meaning: Go into something by falling
Example: The cat might fall into the pool if you’re not careful.

🍎Fall into
Meaning: Enter something without having planned it
Example: Most of us didn’t plan to be designers; we just fell into the job.

🍎Fall into
Meaning: Be classified as; to fall under
Example: That falls into three categories.

🍎Fall off
Meaning: Become detached or to drop from
Example: A button fell off my coat.

🍎Fall off
Meaning: Diminish in size, value etc.
Example: Business always falls off in the winter.

🍎Fall on
Meaning: Experience; to suffer; to fall upon
Example: With the rise of the Internet, some media fell on hard times.

🍎Fall on
Meaning: Be assigned to; to acquire a new responsibility, duty or burden
Example: This decision is important, and it falls on you to make it.

🍎Fall on
Meaning: Occur on a particular day
Example: The first day of spring this year will fall on a Tuesday.

🍎Fall out
Meaning: Come out of something by falling
Example: I opened the cupboard and a can fell out onto my foot.

🍎Fall out
Meaning: Cease to be on friendly terms
Example: Dave and I fell out after a long argument.

🍎Fall out
Meaning: Leave one’s current location to report for duty at a new location
Example: The company fell out for an artillery drill.

🍎Fall through
Meaning: Be unsuccessful, abort, come to nothing/naught; to be cancelled; not to proceed
Example: Their plans to go hiking Saturday fell through because it rained.

🍎Fall under
Meaning: Belong to for purposes of categorization
Example: The botany handbooks in the library fall under Plant Biology.

🍎Fall upon
Meaning: Fall on; to experience; to suffer
Example: With the rise of the Internet, some media fell upon hard times


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