How to create table in MS-Access: Table Creation MS-Access


Creating Table: Tables can be created in five different ways that are shown as follows.

1.      Data sheet view

2.      Design View

3.      Table wizard

4.      Link table

5.      Import table


v  Data sheet View:

o   It allows creating new tables in data sheet view. That is a grid that is similar to Excel sheet.

o   In the data grid directly you can rename the field names, which are initially field1, field2... by default.

o   Data can be directly entered into the cells.

v  Design View:

o   In design view you need to enter the field names first.

o   You can also setup data type for each field.

o   The size of the fields can be changed or it will have the default values.

o   Save the table. Give a name for the table.

o   If you want to add primary key. Then add it.

o   Open the table to enter the records.

v  Table Wizard:

o   Open table wizard.

o   Select either business or personnel type table.

o   From the selected table you can select some sample fields according your need.

o   To add fields from the sample fields list to your new table you can either double click on a field name or click on >. To add all fields at a time to your table then click on >>.

o   To remove the fields from your table select it and then click on <.

o   Enter the name of the table. Table names can be up to 64 characters long.

o   To add primary key click on “set primary key” button.

o   You can start entering data into the table that the wizard will create or you can directly enter data into the table.

o   You will see a form, which contains the field names and empty text boxes to enter the data.

o   Save the form by selecting File/Save or Ctrl+s.

v  Link Table:

o   This wizard creates tables in the current database that are linked to tables in the external file.

o   When you select this option, it asks for an existing database file.

o   Enter the database file name in the dialog window.

o   Select the tables you want to link.

o   The linked table appears in the current database.

o   When you alter the records of a table the original table also gets affected.

v  Import Table:

o   Import table wizard is to import tables from external databases.

o   Choose the database name and table name you would like to import.

o   The changes of imported will not affect in the original table.


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