Simple Sentence in English Grammar

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In English there are three types of sentences.

  • Simple Sentences
  • Compound Sentences
  • Complex Sentences.
In this post I want to explain about Simple Sentences.

Typically, a Simple Sentence consists of a Subject and a Predicate. The subject usually the first element in the sentence, while the rest of the sentence, including the verb is the predicate.
                       ex: Sitha laughed
                             Ram plays football
     The predicate contains at least a verb.
In addition, the subject of a sentence has the following grammatical properties.
  1. Subject-Verb inversion- In a declarative sentence the subject comes before the verb.                               ex: Raju is at School.                                                                                                          When we change this to an interrogative sentence, the subject and the verb changes places with each other.                                                                                                                                             ex: Is Raju at School?
  2. Subject-Verb Agreement- The subject of a sentence agrees in number ( singular or plural) with the verb which follows it.                                                                                                                       ex: Singular subject:  The Dog barks all night.                                                                                      Plural subject: The Dogs bark all night.
The pattern of  a Simple sentence is largely determined by the type of the verb it contains. Those are called verb types. There are generally three types, those are Intransitive, Linking and Transitive.
So, we can discuss about them in detail in the next post

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